Esperia Photoshoot by Formula9

Esperia Photoshoot


2 May 2017 at 20:46:16 MDT

Last year back in August I decided to make a character based off of Krystal. Since then she developed into looking something like this. This is her short form variant. This is Esper, a fox bunny hybrid and a mech operator who is part of the royal guard. You can see the Solace in the background. The largest tower being home and workplace to Fukura, the alchemist magic purple Delphox thing. A potion turned Esperia into a shorter and much thicker form of herself. Who knows how long until it wares off. Esperia decides to go take a photo shoot where the planets are in view with the Solace.

I'll figure out her more later on.

art and esperia by formula9