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I'm new to weasyl. Up until this point, I've been lurking around DA being antisocial, might as well lurk here and be antisocial too.
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$10 Commissions (open)

I'm taking $10 black and white half body commissions. It's $10 per character, but I will throw in a 4th for free for every order of $30.
I will do;
Mature content such as clean nudes (ladies only, believe me you dont want me to draw a dick) and lingerie (i can do dudes!)
I am good at drawing robotic parts and titts
I can do human, ponies or anthros

I will not do;
fetishes (vore, inflation, ex.)
Actual porn

I will take as many as I can of these and complete them in the order paid. I only use paypal. If you dont know how to lay for art on paypal tell me and I will provide information on how to do so.

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