The Tao of Forest #1 - Hello Again by Forest

The Tao of Forest #1 - Hello Again


3 August 2019 at 22:19:27 MDT

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After much delay, here it is! I've been meaning to start up a completely separate Forest comic, in the vein of both my "In My Head" comics (where they're basically a visual representation of my thoughts), and my old FW! Adventures webcomic! So here we have: "The Tao of Forest", a non-sequitur webcomic with a focus on silly situations, thoughts on life, or general nonsense.

It's in a similar setting to the FW!A comics, but not the exact same setting, if that makes sense. There's very little in terms of carryover between the series, besides characters and general relationships (Bee and Forest, or Kyle and Forest being related for instance). You'll see characters from other things I've worked on too, but this is being kept strictly PG, as I do with most of my art.

This is all about a wuff's daily progression through life, how he views things, how he deals with situations (both serious and nonsensical, as life can sometimes be), and how he finds his "way" through it all. I'm hopeful it'll make people smile, and maybe even influence you to find all the little things in life that make you smile as well. That's just what Forest does, after all. <3

This first comic is addressing the general audience about my absence from the webcomic scene for years and years now, even as Forest addresses the griffin at the end there. Hey, it's a great bakery, the wuff should visit more often! Hey, I love drawing, I should draw more! X3

Note: The griffin at the end there totally keeps their wings under their shirt. Honest!

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    Good to see you again!

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      Hey, thanks! Glad to be back! :D

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    It'd be very uncomfortable to keep a pair of wings under a shirt...

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      ... and it wouldn't be very good for the shirt, either. If you forgot, and spread your wings.

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        XD Yeah, it's not very practical, haha.

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          ... then again, some women wear high heels. All for the sake of "fashion"...