[Undertale Spoilers?] "...But it Refused" by Forest

[Undertale Spoilers?] "...But it Refused"


15 November 2015 at 19:10:56 MST

Sorry, I couldn't resist! Might not wanna view if you've not played through Undertale yet! You should, its a great game!

He didn't understand. He now had absolute power; he could do anything, rewrite everything from scratch, bend the world to his will. The power inside him welled up, blowing away all before him, a kaleidoscope of colors that should have left nothing in their wake. And yet...

And yet...

As he watched, the small form in front of him rose from the blackened earth, rose despite his final, reality-warping attack, despite all his efforts, despite the pain and the hardships and the hopelessness of it all...

And smiled to him.

The sight of a child withstanding the power of a god, refusing to give in to despair, fighting to save him from himself...That determination made him realize: He was wrong. He was not alone.

I really liked Undertale, just so you know.

This was how I pictured the final scene in the game, the main character withstanding everything thrown at them, taken to the very edge of oblivion...And still reaching out, trying to save that one last person, no matter how long it took. They refused to give in, and to leave them in their sorrow. It was really touching.

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    What a crybaby. (nice artpiece btw. I really like it)

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    Oh wow, this has to be one of my favorite Undertale fanart pieces. A detail I particularly love is the trench left by the attacks, and the skid marks from his/her knees - it really makes it clear just how much power the main character withstood. I also think the composition, how the color scheme fits with the game, and smaller details - such as how you did the folds in the clothing - are all fantastic. As a whole I feel it's so effective at bringing out the emotion in both the scene and in the player. It certainly did for me!