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Airshipman Harry by Fordoxia

Airshipman Harry


Originally posted on 17 August 2017.

I decided it's time to branch out career-wise, and so I have enrolled himself into the Royal Airship Fleet of Duke Alyx Satyrnen! One thing to note about the Royal Airship Fleet is that while it is technically a fully-fledged military force, the planet it is based on is a backwater far from any strategic targets or resources of value; meaning they are mostly relegated to cargo transport or parades. As such, the Duke (whose obsession with balloons and inflation got him moved to this planet to begin with) has updated the uniforms of the fleet to be more befitting of his tastes.

While they can be cumbersome, the bizarre uniforms do actually serve some practical purposes. The helium used to inflate them generates enough buoyant force to offset a decent portion of the wearer's weight. This feature is extended by the use of a built-in "lifejacket" that can be activated by pulling the harness shown around the torso; which causes a large balloon hidden under the vest to rapidly inflate in the event of falling overboard. Although this does remove all semblance of mobility until you can be picked up by the crew, this is very preferable to falling to your death. They're also highly puncture resistant, so you don't need to worry about being stabbed.

Inspired by this image by Finalcord

I tried a new kind of shading and shine with this, let me know what you think of it.

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