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[GIFT] It's the Thought That Counts! - By NaughtyCatNick by Fordoxia

[GIFT] It's the Thought That Counts! - By NaughtyCatNick


Originally posted on 18 September 2018.
Originally manufactured on 28 September 2016.

It was an 'A-for effort' move, trying to push Nick off the malfunctioning conveyor belt before the machines could do their work, but alas, it came a little too late. His suit was already sealed. All I ended up doing was putting myself in reach of the gloved robotic hands that were currently in the process of stuffing everyone into Pokémon-themed suits. And they wasted no time grabbing onto me, despite my struggles, and lifting me up to stuff me into the newly-prepared Audino that was now hanging open in wait of a wearer.

My struggles must have at least done something though, because by the end of it, I was hanging upside-down as the suit (which was also being held upside-down) started to get forced onto me. The resulting upside-downness ended up cancelling itself out as I was finally deposited on the factory floor, although a quick look at those still on the conveyor showed that no one else had been so lucky.

The elaborate train of thought I was having about how to fix the situation was broken as I suddenly noticed the Vaporeon-suited Nick blindly walking around on his hands, although it didn't take a genius to see the head-shaped bulge in the suit's tail. At that point, I just had the overwhelming urge to hug him for being such a silly sight. And so that's what I did.

*This was fine... *

Wew, this is a blast from the past. This picture was made almost 2 years ago at the time of writing. I decided that I might as well take the time to upload it now since it was on my mind.

This picture was very kindly done by the wonderful  Draconicus_Nick Draconicus_Nick (at the time operating as NaughtyCatNick) as a sort-of sequel to this image. See the original here:

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