Suddenly I'm Hit by FluffRig

Suddenly I'm Hit


23 March 2017 at 18:28:58 MDT what I thought the lyrics to James Blake's "Retrograde" were. They're actually "Suddenly I'm Hip". Whoops.
Well, it was good inspiration for this picture.
(I tried to practice a bit of anatomy and shading with this, as you can see!)

Welcome to the deep dark depths of my mind. cackles maniacally
The best way to bring back Di it to EFFING KILL HER.
I do love my soft, purple marshmallow child.
I just want to see her die. :)
There's nothing wrong with me, I swear!

I made vent art and I'm not even venting.
(This is actually a drawn version of me acting out "being shot" when hearing the aforementioned lyrics.)
I'm actually a little glad to have drawn something a bit dark and violent for once. I always draw cutesy, sweet things. Drawing a cute character getting shot is the stuff I live for. I want cute and dark things. Not always just... kiddie stuff. But, it's what I specialize in, huh?

(Okay, truthfully? I felt bad at a point when drawing this. I stopped and thought, "Do I really want to finish this...?" The despair in Di's eyes, the utter shock she's been shot and is about to die is heart-wrenching... I drew this. I brought this into existence. And, now I have to look at it. Forever. I have to know I made this. Forever. A picture of an innocent cartoon dog being shot for no reason other than "art". Because I wanted something dark and edgy. Because I wanted to get out of that saccharine rut I'm currently trapped in. Di didn't deserve this. All the crap she goes through... I'm a monster...)

(Backgroundless version included just in case the background is ugly.)
(Background included if you want it.)