Blooberry by FluffRig



18 August 2016 at 15:41:59 MDT

So, I finally draw art of Blooberry and I screw up again. XD

His body is so off-center...
I shouldn't have finished this...
I think it was my mom rushing me off that made me not pay attention to the proportions.
I wouldn't screw up THIS MUCH consciously.
I'm sorry Bloo... :(

Blooberry is my partner in PKMN S&M. When the choices are a demon owl, Dr. Shadowman the Cat, and THE BEST THING EVER, it's not that hard of a decision.
Later, on my journey, I run into this strange trainer. We battle, but their Pokemon were too strong for me... and... long story short, I lost, they change me into a Popplio. I guess because I have one? XD
...well, at least I wasn't cursed to being the owl.

After changing, I'm a bit dazed and confused, but I get over it. I let Blooberry out (after I give him a Potion, relax) and that was a HUGE mistake. Blooberry immediately becomes attracted to me. And, I'm not sure why. I mean, I'm not really that attractive. My gender is somewhat ambiguous appearance-wise. I guess it's because I'm another Popplio. And, females are rare.

He starts hitting on me (and I get slightly freaked out by the fact a Pokemon talked to me, but I remember that Pokemon can communicate with each other, and I AM a Pokemon right now) and I have to remind him that just because I look lik-- okay, am a Popplio doesn't mean he can just treat me like another one of his species. I am STILL his Trainer, no matter what form I am i-- what is he doing? he doing a mating dance? Oh my gosh... ><

Long story short, he wins me over, we snuggle, then we... uh... frickle-frackle, if you get my drift.
...this is taking Pokephilia to a WHOLE 'nother level.

I eventually put him back in his Poke Ball and try to find some help. I didn't realize that while I gained the ability to talk to Pokemon, I lost my ability to talk to humans... So, to them, I'm only speaking in Popplio.
And, half of the people I tried to ask to help me, tried to catch me, which you know I DEFINITELY don't want to happen. I have NO idea what it's like in a Poke Ball... I mean, Pokemon don't care, I'm sure, but I do. Is it like a little house? Or apartment? Is it a small, confined area? Am I aimlessly floating around in cyberspace? WHO KNOWS?! ...I just realized that I just sent Blooberry back to that place.
Oh well.

Blooberry seems to be extremely happy and jovial all of the time. He also seems to be completely oblivious to other's emotions, but then again, I'm like that at times. He's pretty eager to please and obedient when you're NOT a female Popplio. He also kinda looks like Blue from Blue's Clues. No surprise, because that's one of my favorite childhood pre-school shows. I refuse to refer to it as a "baby show" because I respect it too much. ...but I hate you SO MUCH Joe... STEVE COME BACK the show's been off forever

Okay, I've been very distracted this whole description, I'm sorry everyone.

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