The Perfect Couple by FluffRig

The Perfect Couple


31 October 2015 at 05:09:01 MDT

This pic is overdue and I'm glad it's finally finished!
I made this, because I was planning on going to FursonaCon, which is going to premiere in 2016.
They have a Superheroes Vs. Supervillians theme planned and I thought that was AWESOME!
I was going to go as Di, dressed as Harley Quinn (humorously dubbed "HarDi" (HarDi har-har...)), and when and if I get a fursuit of Ben, also as The Joker (terribly dubbed "The Benker" (I'll go hide under a rock now)).

But, since Furry Weekend Atlanta is a LOT closer to me, a lot cheaper to get to, and is going to be for A WHOLE FREAKING WEEK in 2016, I had to cancel the plans. That's okay, though... I'll go as HarDi and The Benker for Furpocalypse and Furloween instead, then...

I love these two as those characters! Honestly, it's actually kinda funny, considering how Ben is one of the sweetest characters in the show and he's playing an insane, evil, murderous, abusive clown and Di's kinda... uh... off and quirky and adorable and it really works. Also... uhh... I dunno, Harleen Quinzel reminds me of Di for some reason...
looks at Harleen
looks at Di
...I'll figure it out one day...

Happy Candy Day, everyone! ...wait, you guys don't celebrate that...
Happy Halloween!