PUT ME DOWN by FluffRig



8 November 2015 at 18:18:33 MST

...Ben, not the best choice of words to say to a DOCTOR who is currently holding you in her sharp teeth planted in her strong jaws...
Clawing her face also isn't a good idea.
Spoiler alert: He slashes her face from that point and she finally gets to shake him like a ragdoll, as she's always wanted to do (uhh... it's a reference to a line in an episode after she chases him up a tree ("I won't come down! I'm scared you'll kill me!" "I won't kill you; I'll just shake you like a ragdoll!"))

...I really want an animation of this scenario.

Anyway, after Di bites Ben, little did she realize that this would make him hostile towards her.
If I remember correctly, it's something to do with them both being in semi-feral states, and Ben is in his a LITTLE more than Di.
So, he sees her as more of an enemy than vice versa.
He instigates a fight with her and she subtly reminds him how outmatched he is (by picking him up).
Ben... uh, very obviously doesn't like this.
Even with him being a LOT bigger than normal, she's STILL taller than him. XD

I am SO SORRY about the off-model posing here!
Di's okay, but Ben looks like he got possessed by a demon. Look at his head. XD
There is NO WAY he's able to see her from that angle and somehow he's able to have his paw backwards???
I like to imagine (and use the excuse of) him thrashing around, hence the awkward posing.
Otherwise, the rest of him is alright. One of his toes is bothering me, though. You can figure out which one I'm talking about.

I remember me originally having them fighting, but I couldn't get the posing right for that either...
So, I'm hoping one day I can get someone to make a picture of these two duking it out... DX
"But, I thought you loved them as a couple and all lovey-dovey?"