Deathclaw Prowl by FluffKevlar

Deathclaw Prowl


8 December 2015 at 16:22:29 MST

From November's Patreon request stream. Originally this was supposed to be 'sexy deathclaw' but I got so frustrated just trying to get it down right I settled for regular deathclaw. It's based on the FO4 version, but not completely on-model. I gave it a slightly longer muzzle/face, in game it's very flat. But anyway, good challenge! In the end I'm fairly happy with it suppose, I need the feral practice. Technically it's female, but not like you can really tell. Slight breasts but i'm not the type to just slap tits on something.

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    Awesome drawing. I didn't know they were flat faced. Are they made out of people like the super mutants? I've heard you can fight them as long as there is high terrane to exploit but still requires a lot of time and ammo.

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      To my knowledge, the Deathclaws are genetically engineered chameleons + other things.
      And yeah, using terrain to your advantage is a good way to deal with them. Or just drop a mini nuke on the suckers.

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    the eyes feel very feminine. :)

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    The way you drew this is downright beautiful. There is something about it that feels very feminine, especially in the eyes and I think perhaps the pose overall. I really didn't realize Deathclaws were flat faced but looking at screenshots it appears you are correct, though the longer muzzle looks very good here. Also I do sincerely appreciate not slapping breasts on her as a genetically engineered creature that is mostly reptilian wouldn't have use for them anyway, though I imagine genetic modification and the parts that aren't reptile might cause at least some breast tissue to happen but not enough for it to be usable or noticeable I think.

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    Nice drawing. But feminine or not, I don't think I'd be sharing a bed with a Deathclaw anytime soon. For some strange reason I seem to be rather attached to my body parts.