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Bronze Artist Example 2 - Info Still Needed by Finchy

Bronze Artist Example 2 - Info Still Needed


So this is something I whipped up to show two more examples and give more information on how I want to go about my Bronze Artist commissions. I've had two 'yes's' so far but I wanted to get a few more opinions on if my idea is okay or if alot of people think it is unfair or needs editing.

The two full body anthro pictures on the right and left are the basic things I am offering. It is a sketchy messy colored picture of whatever character you give me. It will have flat color with a little bit of shade as you can see. It is SUPPOSED to look rushed and sloppy, that is the point. I will not be cleaning these up, as this is a style I am using for this Bronze Artist to get commissions done at a faster pace since I will have a big list.

The middle one, the pony, is referring to pony and ferals. Ponies & Ferals & pokemon, anything that looks feral in general, will be a slightly cheaper price. However, if the character is complicated, the price will go up.

Wings, lots of detail or limbs, extremely detailed and highly varied body markings ( that are showing) etc etc will result in your character being labeled as complicated, and will tag on an extra 5$ to your price.

I am thinking of charging 10$ for the normal anthro full bodies, and 7$ for the ferals. If you want extra characters it'd be +5 per. Limit of three characters in one. There is no limit on how many slots a person can claim.

Anyway, I'm still looking for opinions on this. If people would be interested, if this seems like a fair price compared to my work and how my prices have been in the past ( If you can't tell, I'm trying to make these very cheap for their subject matter ), etc etc.

Thanks for your input, and expect this Bronze Artist to go live soon once I get more comments on the matter.

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