FHL Season 7 GOTW #18 FINAL: Prairie Dogs 4, Spirits 3 by FHL

FHL Season 7 GOTW #18 FINAL: Prairie Dogs 4, Spirits 3


22 April 2019 at 21:28:24 MDT

Prairie Dogs get the final response, and ride home to season series win.

As the game opened, St. Louis would have the opening strike, with an early score by Zephyr, and would hold the lead until the middle frame. As the team approached the 10 minute mark, Backdraft Wolf would tie the score, but the Spirits would quickly respond with a goal by Chris Bartholomew and retake the lead. As the period closed, poor disipline would fine the Spirits down two players as Etch Ensketch and Rodolf Plecacks were sent to the box for minors. The Prairie Dogs would not let the oppertunity go, as Zyle Vaughn would score of the 5v3 oppertunity, and as the horn blared the teams would be tied going into the second.

The Second would open with a flurry of scoring as Wolf would score his second of the night and put the Prairie Dogs back up by one. Saskatoon would have to defend off a 5v3 after penalties by Gator Rex and Toshi Xyhro, before the Spirits would respond agian as Jace Darkmatter tied it back up. The tie however would not last as 3 mins later, Talcott would pull off a Breakaway score, and put the Prairie Dogs back ahead. From there, the period of settle down, and Saskatoon would go into the third up 4-3.

In the third, Spirits would come out swings, throwing multiple rounds of shots at Ryan, but Saskatoon's Goalie would hold, and the Prairie Dogs would go on to win by that final score of 4 to 3, winning the season series between them.

Game Summary: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18oPI2RrEooteuaD05mrr9PCRBt6BmQkR2hRAGeD6xDg/edit#gid=1829436116

Player of the Game
Backdraft Wolf (2 Goals)

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