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A magnetic effect (Plusle & Minun TF) by fengune

A magnetic effect (Plusle & Minun TF)


A magnetic effect (Plusle & Minun TF)

You're a researcher at a lab that’s researching the effects of magnetic fields. Especially the effect of those fields on electric type Pokémon.

Today’s finally the day you and your colleagues get to test the new machine you’ve created.

It can create a strong magnetic pull from two sides to create a large magnetic field.

You’re inside the test chamber preparing the machine for the first real test. Everything is looking good from your side.

The rest of your colleagues are a good distance away.

Inside the observation room made to negate the effects of a magnetic field.

You’re ready to join your colleagues. Giving them a heads up on your phone that the machine is ready to be tested.

But as you walk back. You hear the machine whirring to life.

Looks like someone already turned the machine on. Didn’t they see you still in the test chamber?

You try to run towards the observation chamber when you feel something pulling at you from two sides.

Running slower and slower as you try to resist the pulling force.

Something’s going wrong. The machine shouldn’t affect humans! Humans aren’t affected by magnets!

Yet you feel the pull of the machine. It gets stronger and stronger. You can barely even move anymore.

You hear the alarm going off.

One of your colleagues must have finally noticed you. Let’s hope they can turn the machine off in time.

As you stand there. Almost being pulled apart. You feel your clothes growing bigger. Wait no.. You’re getting smaller!

Your legs, arms and body are all growing smaller.

Clothes falling on the ground. As you’re slowly getting suspended in the air from the forces pulling at you.

You can only feel it. Unable to move your head because of those same forces.

Then the other changes start.

You feel all your fingers merging together to form a stumpy hand. Fur starts to grow over them. On the left red and on the right blue. Covering most of your upper arm.

Above that cream fur starts to grow. This fur spreads all over your body. Covering every inch of it.

Your feet change shape. Toes merging together. Meeting the same fate as your hands. The only difference being that they’re covered in cream fur.

Your ears start to move towards the top of your head. They grow longer. Growing into a long oval shape.

Red fur grows on your left ear as blue grows on your right ear. A small circle of cream fur grows at the base of each ear.

Head starting to change shape. Becoming more rounded.

You feel a pressure at the end of your spine.

As a tail starts to grow. Cream fur growing at the base. At the tip of your new tail. Half of a plus sign with red fur grows on the left side, while half of a minus sign with blue fur grows on the right.

Each of your cheeks start to spark.

Your left one growing red fur, with a plus sign of cream fur. Your right one grows blue fur, with a minus sign of cream fur.

Your nose shrinks. Until it’s a barely noticeable black dot. Lips disappearing under your cream fur.

Lastly your eyes turn black, with a white pupil.

As your change finishes. You feel the machine pulling at you even stronger than before. It gets stronger and even stronger.

Until you feel yourself split.

Red and blue half separating to form two separate bodies.

And then the whirring of the machine stops. Both of your bodies falling to the ground.

They finally managed to stop the machine, but it’s already too late…

The changes are already finished.

Two nearly identical bodies lie on the ground.

One coloured red the other blue. One with plus signs the other minus signs.

They’re both still you of course. Both of you have had the same experiences until now. Though that may change in the future.

What will happen to the both of you now?

I made it during the second suggestion round I did on twitter.

Doing this mostly for archiving purposes because twitter isn't exactly the best for archiving.

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