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The sand’s saviour (Flygon TF) by fengune

The sand’s saviour (Flygon TF)


The sand’s saviour (Flygon TF)

You’ve been travelling in the desert for a while now. You thought you could make this trip in an hour. That’s why you didn’t pack a lot of things.

But it’s already been multiple hours now. The end isn’t even in sight and you’re thirsty, hot and tired.

You have to keep going. No one is going to save you here. So you keep walking forward. Until you notice the wind picking up. Sand starts to fly past you.

The beginnings of a sandstorm? Just your luck…

You look around for a shelter, but find none… It’s all just sand…

All you can do is keep moving forward. Hoping that you’ll get out of the desert before the sandstorm comes.

Minutes go by and the wind keeps getting stronger. The sand rushes onto you.

You have no eye protection.

So you have to keep your hands in front of your face to keep it from getting into your eyes.

It stings against your hands.

You keep walking slower and slower. The wind is getting too strong. If this keeps up you don’t have long before…

A couple of minutes later you collapse on the sand below you. It’s all too much… This is the end for you…

You’ve given up all hope. When you hear a weird sound. Like something singing through the sandstorm.

Then a cry pierces through.


You feel a weird energy rushing through you as you hear it.

Red spheres start to form around your eyes. Enclosing them. Shielding them from the sand outside. The sand inside them completely disintegrates.

You can finally look around normally.

Though all you see is still sand.

You don’t know that’s happening, but you accept it. Maybe this will help you survive this ordeal.

Light green scales grow around your face. The sand doesn’t sting anymore where the scales grow.

Face pushing out into a short muzzle.

Your nose shrinks down to two small slits.

Two green antennas start to grow from the middle of your face. They’re covered in green scales, a darker shade than those on your face.

They grow long, both of them point backwards.

Your teeth grow into sharp fangs.

Eyes growing larger inside of your eye covers.

The light green scales grow downwards. Your neck lengthening as they cover it.

Body growing slimmer. As you feel a sharp pain in your shoulder blades. Soon two wings burst out from them. Destroying your shirt and jacket.

Shaped like a diamond or a kite. They're covered in light green scales. With a thick outline of light red scales.

Your arms grow shorter. Fingers merging together. Nails growing sharper and turning white. Leaving you with three fingers tipped with sharp white claws.

Your thighs grow wider. Too wide for your pants as they rip into pieces. Dark green scales forming in an oval shape at the top of them. While light green scales grow around them.

Your feet are next. All of your toes are merging together.

Leaving you with two toeless feet.

Dark green scales grow where your toes used to be. Light green scales above them.

Finally you feel a pressure at the end of your spine. It gets stronger and stronger until a tail bursts through.

It has a striped pattern of light green and green scales. It’s tipped with three diamond or kite shaped fans. They look just like smaller versions of your wings.

You barely have any time to process your changes as you hear the same cry as before.


A huge burst of wind burst out in front of you. Blowing away the sandstorm. You look up and see a Flygon in the air.

It lands in front of you. With an outstretched hand and a smile on its face.

Will you take the hand of your saviour?

I made it during the second suggestion round I did on twitter.

Doing this mostly for archiving purposes because twitter isn't exactly the best for archiving.

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