Nasty Woozle PSA by felsicmarten

Nasty Woozle PSA


2 August 2019 at 17:49:55 MDT

More visual/personality-related details for Felsic below!

*Some general "rules" (in quotation marks because of course you don't have to follow them) for outfits to dress him in- a sort of grunge style always works, dark or dull clothes, comfy clothes. Quite frankly, unless there's a formal event going on, Felsic dresses like shit and doesn't really care about the image his clothing projects- comfort, both physical and emotional, are more important to him than fashion. Very rarely he'll be seen in bright clothing, and those are often sports jerseys or work & volunteer t-shirts that were gifted or supplied to him

*Formal attire- he's addicted to blazers, button-downs, waistcoats, and boots- all worn casually, of course. Short of a black tie event, he's unlikely to take dressing up completely seriously. He always has a disheveled or at least casual look to what he wears - though he's not a slob or intentionally disrespectful. He only values comfort and his own "personal look," as he would call it

*Accessories - Felsic always has a bag on him, currently a gray-green computer backpack, the contents of which are: a first aid kit, a pocket knife, a notebook or two, a laptop, and a water bottle he tries to keep full

*Let's be honest though- if he needs something, he's a drawn character, he can just magically pull it out of his bag like RJ in Over the Hedge

*More accessories - the Gay Ear is pierced. He usually wears simple, silver bands in it, occasionally a sapphire if he really wants to show off. That applies to most jewelry, though he rarely wears it- simple, silver in color, and most stones would be sapphire or a mimic of it. Bracelets, he often goes wild with- leather, wooden, copper, beaded- they're fair game. Same with tail accessories. Boots are the best things to put on his feet, though for the sake of showing off his markings he often goes barefoot

*He's extremely double jointed and flexible - his limbs and torso, in true weasel fashion, can twist into spirals of floofy fur. He's just a slinky in disguise

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