Big Bad Felsic Ref by felsicmarten

Big Bad Felsic Ref


2 August 2019 at 08:17:18 MDT

I finally, FINALLY have a huge, detailed ref of my sweet boi! Felsic is the closest any of my current characters get to just being ME in a fuzzy form- he's been around since early 2017, and has (mostly) been my main 'sona since then, and he's grown and changed and evolved along with me. For all my trouble with actually DECIDING on a main fursona, I think this is it. He's sticking around for quite a while, and as for his design- markings, colors, proportions, etc- I don't think he's going to change much more. I'm very, deeply satisfied with what I've come up with here, and I think only minor tweaks to his appearance will happen from here on out. I think I'll eventually build a fursuit of him myself, and if I'm ever SO lucky to commission someone to make him for me- it's gonna happen. So, enough rambling about my fursona, I'll get into some visual and other details below for my own reference, those I may commission in the future, or anyone who's just plain interested in him, or in drawing fanart of him! <3


*Felsic is and always will be male and depicted and referred to as such. I myself may draw him as a FTM trans man, but I'd prefer anyone who's not a close friend to just draw him cis- no breasts, scars, etc. Also, please NO NSFW art of him unless I've specifically commissioned and asked that kind of art of you! He is a very personal character and I really would prefer not to have him depicted in random sexual acts, especially by strangers. Thank you for understanding <3

*On that note, hugs, cuddles, nuzzles, all the cute stuff is just fine with any character! If you mean to make the art shippy, please only do so with characters that are AND appear 18+ - Felsic is an adult and I don't want him depicted in shippy art with minors or characters who are minors, thank you again for understanding <3

*His eyes, nose, and paw pads are a deep maroon-red color, but for simplicity or visual's sake, can also be black or dark gray

*It is a bit hard to see on the ref, but the lighter "V" of fur on his upper back is spread across his shoulder blades, is not visible from the front view, and from the side view curls slightly down over the BACK of the shoulder, in the direction of the fur

*His bib markings are just meant to resemble any creepy, toothy smile - you don't have to try and make this accurate or correct, but if you're dead set on it feel free to reference the larger "Bib detail" section of the sheet

*His blush is never visible on his face, but his ears practically glow pink whenever he is slightly embarrassed, aroused, or flustered. Shiny blushies (like as seen on the ref!) are optional

*His canines are crooked and as a result protrude from his mouth even when closed

*Claws on all four paws are optional, though often his front paws will always display his claws, and his back claws come out when climbing

*His blood is red and as a result can often blend into his red and darker fur - if you wish to portray him with excessive gore or fatal/detailed injuries (especially guts/muscle/etc showing) please get permission first!

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