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Growing Up (3 of 3) by felonykat

Growing Up (3 of 3)


So after the collab with Poecat of the previous submission with Mictain mourning over finding his wife Felony and their daughter dead, I figured I'd finish a few sketches that I drew up when we wrote that out ages ago. Even with Poecat inking the sketches, it's taking me forever to finish. Gotta get back into digital work!

The story goes that Dark Kat (from the animated series SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron) had Felony but was disappointed she was a girl and an unruly girl at that. So he tried again and Kyle was born. Mictain was the son of a demon friend of his which he agreed to take in and raise. Mictain was to be Kyle's body guard but he later was more interested in doing what Felony wanted than guarding Kyle. Mind you this is not the story we went with for our SWAT Kats fan comic.

Last part they are ages 19, 18 and 15. Felony the oldest and Kyle the youngest. Eventually the three of them get along with one another. They train with Dark Kat's Neko Kurai ninjakats in a hidden village in Japan. The reason they get along is because Kyle confides in Felony and Mictain that he doesn't want to rule and promises to give them control over Dark Kat's empire so long as they let him do his own thing. Felony and Mictain became infatuated with one another as well and become a couple. The trio end up taking out Dark Kat themselves to claim his empire and Mictain ends up the head of it alongside Felony, keeping the agreement with Kyle.

Thanks to Poecat for inking my linework. ^_^

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    i love this series of work. Makes me want to attempt and do art of Felony and Mictain. XD Guess we'll see what shows up :3 <3

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      Thanks bebbe! <3