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I draw mostly, but I also sing, so that might end up here eventually. I have a small number of OCs you'll see me draw far too much. And I'll likely submit too many sketches that never actually get finished... Oops.

My name is Andrea/Andy. I'm from Southern California, and I'm 18. I've gone through a number of aliases in the past couple years, but I think I'm sticking with "felifae" (which is a mixture of the words felidae and fae). I adore music and art, and I especially love EDM music. Alongside my boyfriend (who is the absolute most amazing person ever), I'd love to be able to sing and make music. I also want to go into illustration and character design.

Stop by and say hi. Feel free to add me on Skype/Steam, but just tell me who you are! My personal tumblr is here.


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Yooo, if you're interested in commissions, I think I've kinda finalized my prices and stuff. Look through my recent submissions for the best examples. c:

digital art

  • lineart only - from $8 to $12
  • flat color (no shading) - from $15 to $30
  • full color - from $20 to $40+
  • add additional characters - from $5 to $20
  • add backgrounds - from $5 to $10

digital paintings

  • full color digital painting - from $30 to $50+
  • add additional character - from $10 to $25
  • add background - from $10 to $30

traditional art

(not taking any right now; please keep in mind for the future)

  • 4”x6” acrylic painting - from $30 to $45
  • 4”x6” watercolor painting - from $25 to $40

Extra cost for incredibly detailed designs.
All prices up for negotiation.
Prices based on average time of completion.
If you’d like more information, feel free to message me.

REMINDER: Your “digital signature” agreeing to all of the above
and application information below when you get a commission.

For All Commissions:

  • If you’re interested in a commission, privately message me or email me.
  • Visual reference is required. I cannot go by a written description for the prices posted. If you would like to have something digitally drawn from a written description, it will be a special price that can be discussed.
  • A minimum of half of the price of the commission is due after I send a sketch to be approved, and the leftover amount is sent when completed (or just send it all once the sketch is approved, either way works). You will not receive a final image until all money has been paid.
  • Money is sent through Paypal, so please keep in mind Paypal’s transaction fee percentage when sending money. You’re required to calculate the money “lost” to Paypal’s transaction fee and include that little bit extra to pay the full amount.
  • Minimum cost is generally not non-anthro stuff, about midway would be anthro or complicated non-anthro designs, and maximum price would be complicated anthro designs. It all just depends upon what you’re asking for.
  • Additional cost for more characters. Basic colored background comes with all commissions. More detailed backgrounds can be added for an additional cost.
  • If you feel a price is unfair, feel free to negotiate. I reserve the right to turn down any commission.
  • Please allow for up to 2-3 weeks (unless otherwise stated/negotiated) for a final product.
  • I will change minor details of final product if requested. Please don’t be afraid to ask for changes in the sketch! It’s important to have that how you want it because any major changes after a sketch is approved will result in an extra cost.
  • The final product (and possibly progress pictures) will be posted to Weasyl and Tumblr. You agree to this when you get a commission. (If you want the commission to be posted at a certain time/date, such as on someone’s birthday or an anniversary, please let me know! I won’t post progress pictures if that is the case.)
  • You are allowed to repost the image on other websites but credit to me (either crediting my Tumblr, Weasyl, or Furaffinity) must remain intact! I will file a claim against you if you do not keep this credit intact.
  • I won’t draw: humans, nsfw/extremely suggestive material, gore/blood, drug references, etc.
  • I especially like drawing: cute cuddly couples being adorable, cats, birds, and much more!
  • Your “digital signature” agreeing to all of the above and application information below when you get a commission.

Specifics For Digital Art Commissions:

  • Commissions, by default, are for digital purposes. This means they are done as an RGB-color mode picture in Photoshop. The resolution will be somewhere around 800px by 800px at 100ppi.
  • If you would like it to be a specific resolution, please let me know in advance, otherwise, the default will be a minimum 800px by 800px (e.g., 800x1300, 1000x800, 800x1100, etc.).
  • If you would like it as a wallpaper resolution/version, I can do that as well. Just let me know what resolution in advanced! This might add a slight extra cost to your commission but likely not.
  • I can also make certain crops of an image if you so wish for no additional cost. Just let me know if you want it. (I offer this since not everyone has the programs to be able to crop images.)
  • If you would like it to be at a print resolution (CYMK-color mode, 300dpi), this will result in an additional cost that is up to 40% of the “non-print digital” price.
  • For an image size for an 8”x10” print would be an additional 20%. For 10”x12”, it will be an additional 30%. For 12”x15”, it will be an additional 40%. Anything bigger would have to be discussed.
  • The more expensive price for print is because of how much detail must go into the much larger canvas sizes. - - Bigger canvas size, the more need for detail and the longer it takes.

Specifics For Traditional Art Commissions:

  • They are done in either watercolor possibly with a little charcoal and chalk pastel or acrylic. The higher cost is due to the materials used and extra time spent on the piece.
  • Watercolors are usually done on 4”x6” 96lb bristol board (sort of like a very thick card stock). Acrylic is done on canvas board panels that are 4”x6”.
  • Price of domestic US shipping is included in the price of the commission (shipping is usually around $3-6). I will do international shipping, but you have to pay a little extra for it.
  • Keep in mind that the art is sent from the Southern California area! It could take about a week for domestic shipping.
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