Childhood days by Felici

Childhood days


11 August 2017 at 15:45:43 MDT

I had to get this out of my head. Now I can rest.

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    This is great. Completely aside from the beautiful style, it's it's own slice of a story with a uniquely familial/nostalgic overtone. Just with a couple sentences and photos I feel like these are characters that I can already connect with.

    How long of a project was this?

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      Hello Holt5,
      thank you for your feedback! Since it is only one single picture without more story behind than the text gives away it took about 10 hours altogether.

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        Wow, that's still quite awhile! I imagine working on the individual photos is actually a good way to break up the work load. The results really paid off.

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          Yes, with all those steps on every single piece it sums up after a while. I also played around with different compositions (in the beginning it was a comic with panels in a bar, later just a table with photos on it and a single panel with everyone trying to stay serious as theist photo drops but in the end I decided for this pinboard with speech bubbles. :)

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            So cool! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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    I absolutely adore this.