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Seraphius de Marlegarde by Felici

Seraphius de Marlegarde


5 March 2013 at 17:00:21 MST

The count is done!

This pretty fellow is one of our main villains in the novel roleplay. Man I love him. He´s fastidious, ruthless and in general dislikable but also intelligent. He knows how to manipulate others and take advantage of this. Furthermore he has a high, earsplitting laugh and a soft spot for fencing and music. :'P

He also tends to act swishily.

I think the roles, that I can represent best in roleplays are religious fanatics and quirky, moody eccentrics. Seraphius is one example for the last combination.

Done with SAI.

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    Ooh, saluki?? :D <3

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      Nope, he´s a dachshund-springer spaniel mix. But I guess some of my first ideas for his breed are still visible! *g*

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    Three Muskerhounds influence? :)

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      I asked myself that too. But in general I would say no. We already had a marquis before I watched the series, a wolf. In the beginning we decided, that the predominant "kind of family" around the counts and marquis should be doglike. so it was clear that Marlegarde would be a dog, too. But sure, the time we play in the roleplay is kind of close to dogtanian- Vanitas takes place in 1650s France while dogtanian plays 1754 and in France.