Red XIII Nanaki by Fayts_Creations

Red XIII Nanaki


13 April 2014 at 14:32:15 MDT

Commission for a client on FA.

I finally got to make one of my all time fav character Red XIII, I've never has time to make him yet. When planning Red's pattern I looked at both official art, game art, advents children art and my play arts figure. I based him mainly off the play arts figure which is why he has the XIII on both sides. I also tried mixing a feline and canine look as he's referred to both in the games and official information. I used a dark red for his hair as I as looking at the art work and his hair seems more red and when matching it with the figure it matched that colour the most.

Red is made from Minky fabric, I tried something new with his tail and I think every time I do fire on a plush I will do it like this as it looks far better than Faux fur does. He also has hand painted tattoos on his body and face to give them a more tattoo look and he has machine embroidery eyes and mouth. His tail also has wire in so it can be posed. He's 13 inches not including his tail.

I really enjoyed making him since he's one of my fav character ever. I think I'll be making myself a large one when I have the spare time as I've always wanted a plush of him for myself C: I always used to use him so much that by the time I got to Nibelheim I had him ready for learnings Cosmo Memory right after the fight with lost number XD

Yes when making him I did listen to the FF7 OST a lot ^^

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    Oh wow this is gorgeous! <3 Red is one of my fave Final Fantasy characters too!

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      Thank you very much. He's too good of a character not to like :)