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Felis Pardus - Advent 2015 by farorenightclaw

Felis Pardus - Advent 2015


10 May 2017 at 21:27:23 MDT

So, I work for a pet simulation game/website called Felis Pardus. I've gotten the clear to upload some of the art I've done for the game here! In winter 2015 we had an advent calendar through the month of December! This was the image finally revealed if you clicked off a day every day. Each click got you prizes as well! Here we have an Ice Elemental and a Light Grey Snow Leopard adult pair, a Leucistic African Leopard cub and a Plumeria Tropicana juvenile, an Albino Amur Leopard juvenile, and a Diamond Jeweled cub. The Icicle Amur Leopard and Holly Tropicana came out this year also, but as they were a surprise, we didn't put them on the calendar.

Art by me!