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Felis Pardus - Layouts


10 May 2017 at 21:36:55 MDT

So, I work for a pet simulation game/website called Felis Pardus. I've gotten the clear to upload some of the art I've done for the game here! Here are the two layouts we have on the site depending on what faction you choose!

In a world where Humanity has driven so many species over the brink of extinction, genetic manipulation is the only salvation to return what has been lost. Special projects have been founded all over the world, each given a code name based on the species of the animals they seek to recover, and each manned only by the best and the brightest. But being the best, being the brightest, does not mean being free from mistakes, or even corruption.

Project Felis Pardus is intended to resurrect the various subspecies of leopard, and raise a sustainable population to maturity. But the best laid plans can, and have, gone awry. While most scientists merely desire to bring back the original breeds of leopard that existed sustainably for millions of years , there have occasionally been mistakes in the process of genetic manipulation that have resulted in unique, and some would say beautiful, new breeds of leopard. Some scientists look to put these new breeds to a different use: procuring money and fame.

While there's a lot to be said for the beauty of a natural wild leopard there's more to be gained by introducing the Jeweled Leopard or the Pygmy Leopard to the world. Actually domesticating the animals on site would garner too much attention, but there are scientists who experiment with genetic mutation and redistribution, creating breeds so outside the lines that beneath the surface two factions have developed amongst the project members and former proteges.

Will you become a Conservationalist, recreating the Snow Leopard from no more than fragments of DNA? Or will you become an Experimentalist, who believes that the boring old Snow Leopard would be better served by more interesting coloring. Will you measure your success by the tried and true standard of the natural world, or by the beauty of your menagerie and the size of your bank account? After all, this world wants sensation, not salvation.

Hopefully that makes the purposes of the factions clear for you!

Art by me!

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