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Workspace Etc


6 March 2017 at 14:39:50 MST

Every now and then a thing goes around of 'share your workspace!' It's been many years since I did one of these, and I don't think I've ever done one of my current set up in my house, and I just got a new keyboard that I very like so I figured now was as good a time as any. I included some photos of other bits of my room, namely my 'nice things' bookshelf and my and CassioBunny's MLP collection.

A few notes: the chart with gold stars is a thing I use, with Cassio's help, to track my chores, work, number of cigarettes, etc. It's a very useful external way to quantify what I've been doing and where I'm at with productivity. The Funko Pop toys are entirely presents from Cassio, as is the parasaurolophus resin skull on the wall shelf, and most of the sculptures on the bookshelf (the exceptions being the winged cat and the big dragon on the top, which were gifts from my late grandmother - the stuffed bear and rabbit at the bottom of the shelf were from her too). The Farore doll was made by Gravewalker Gravewalker. All of the skins and skulls were humanely obtained. The knife on the wall shelf was a birthday present from my parents bought at the Pike Place Market in Seattle and has an obsidian blade and a coyote jaw bone handle. The cards and drawing are from friends - drawing (by MoonFossil MoonFossil) and top card from Keyra, bottom card from DarkHeartsClub, and bottom note (under the picture of the girl with black hair) from my very old friend Tara. Three pictures of girls by Loish on deviantART, tiger painting by :DanjiIsthmus DanjiIsthmus, sparkly poster by Aycee, and other posters from the Temple Of Art project. 'you are stronger than you think' card was a gift from a stranger at Artsplosion in San Jose who got it for me as support when I was having a hard time. Small ponies are all blind bag toys and the big Twilight is a Build-A-Bear plush that P01D got me while she was visiting. Feel free to ask questions about these or anything else you see in the photos!


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