No Way Out by farorenightclaw

No Way Out


5 February 2016 at 12:03:22 MST

The last sliver of light rapidly disappears, enshrouding you in hot, slimy, sticky darkness. The squeak of rubber tongue and smooth hardness of titanium teeth around you are dulled by the slippery mire of the synthetic lubricant which passes for saliva in the robotic maw you find yourself trapped in. There's only one way to go now: down, into the tight confines of a pseudoflesh throat, a trip that ultimately ends in the cold fusion chamber in the 'droid's belly. Conversion into electricity to power a miracle of technology isn't the worst way to go, is it?

Commission for TheFallenWind
Farore and art by me!


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    There is always a way out.

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    I noticed, she has a uvula in this one, but not the last one?

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      The way its mouth opens, the uvula is hidden when the jaws are wide as the throat closes somewhat with all the mouthflesh in the way. The jaws are mostly shut here so the throat has opened up and the uvula is visible :)

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    Very nice internal dear, I love how you did the saliva and the colors are just amazing

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    I really, really want to know now what Farore's breath smells like now. If he's not digesting food the way we do and isn't an organic organism I'd imagine he wouldn't have bad breath the way we do, so what does his breath smell like? An exhaust fan? Is the saliva scented? Flavored? If so, as what? If not, is it effected only by what he eats? This character is so fascinating!

    Also, is "he" the proper pronoun? I hate to have to ask but I also don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

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      Farore is an 'it' generally, but I'm a 'he' so that works just fine either way x3

      Farore does not digest food per se, it has a cold fusion chamber for a 'stomach' so its breath just after eating would probably smell like ozone (think laser printers or overheating electronics). The saliva is synthetic lubricant, silicone, so would probably smell like unscented/unflavored lube. It could add scents if it wanted to; its usual favorite is strawberry, in both flavor and scent, both for kissing (yummy kisses) and for making a vore experience more pleasant for the victim.

      It also has a set of sawblade-like things in its throat, similar to a woodchipper, that can be extruded and activated (usually withdrawn), so if it consumed raw prey using those, it would probably smell like meat etc for a while until the nanites got the leftovers cleaned up. Its nanofluid smells slightly sweet.