Macro Bull meets giraffe by Farel

Macro Bull meets giraffe


28 August 2020 at 00:20:05 MDT

When I changed my fursona to a giraffe, I had all sort of dumb jokes in my head. One of them was to depict my giraffe-sona with my pal Tauros'es fursona. He's a macro bull, so it seemed funny to joke that as a giraffe, I'd still be taller than him.

Later when I spoke in a voice chat with him, he spoke of the same exact idea, without me mentioning a thing. It felt like a must. We both came up with the same exact idea together at the same time, so I should draw it someday.

Sadly on August 1st of 2020, my dear friend passed away. I only found out about it on the 11th. I went through a rollercoaster of emotions afterwards. I am more stable emotionally, but it still hurts whenever I am reminded that he's now gone forever.

And yet, I still decided to honor his memory by finishing this picture, even if he'll never get to see it.

Thank you for all the wonderful years my dear friend.

Tauros @ his character
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