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Anthropomorpism is WRONG!!!

on 26 February 2019 at 23:21:17 MST

Now that I got your attention, I really think every furry should read through this because I hope it'll blow your mind and change your perception if even in the smallest way.

Im still here to tell you anthropomorphism is wrong, but only in a technical and gramatical way, instead of wrong in a moral or philosophical way I intended to mislead you with in the title to draw interest. I hope you read this fully because after having been in the fandom for over 16 years and knowing that Anthros were were what we called fursonas on 2 legs, and our interest was called anthropmorphism.

So I was at work trying to find a word or come up with one for my specific interests in drawing plants/animals/people that look like machines and I thought a play on the word Anthropomorphic which means to assign human qualities to something not human. I came up with 2 to decide on technomorphism (technomorphic) or Machinamorphism (Machiniamorphic). Thats when I realized something that I kinda hope blows the collective fandom's mind.

Furries and pups have used the word to describe ourselves and interests forever. A fursuiter or pup in hood is a human taking a more animal form, anyone who makes a 'sona that represents them or explores an aspect of their persona is taking on animalistic. We mimic the animal sounds, we walk on all fours, and we identify with aspects of animals that we take on ourselves. When we do so much in the fandom we are not applying human traits to animals, we are applying animal traits to humans. Even Robin hood and many origins of the fandom are directly or based on writins about people before being given a fuzzy makeover.

I did a quick study when I got home Our interest isn't anthropomorphism; but zoomorphism. Like I didn't know the word zoomorphism was a thing, but it's in the dictionary. There are 2 papers Ive found and only one highlights that furries are mainly zoomorphic, whereas the other one tries to attempt furries as a classification of dysphoria. The good one even directly addresses the fandom's use of the word anthropomorphism being that most people didn't know the word and the reason may have something to do with anthropocentrism.(another new word for me today meaning a view that humans are the most important living being in the universe) The irony being way too funny that a reflexively ingrained need for humans to be held above animals would be the reason for a label (that we have clung to and held so dearly precious) that is incorrect for our quest to hold the animal part of ourselves above humans.


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