Delightful Crush by SR71BETA by ExRai

Delightful Crush by SR71BETA


15 November 2016 at 14:52:55 MST

Rai was on a little walk through a city as his eyes spotted a very new and expensive looking vehicle in front of him.
He took a few steps forward as he sees the "huge" coach bus in front of him.
He lifts his paw and hovers it over the bus before slowly setting it down on its roof.
With a little pressure Rai slowly starts to push down onto the roof with his giant paw as the windows shatter and the metal starts to bend under his pads with a cracking and screeching sound.
Putting more pressure onto the bus it gets flatter and flatter every second , the metal having no chance against his giant paw which easily crushes the bus into the ground leaving it all flat.
Lifting his other paw and taking a step forward his paw lands on top of a Diesel Locomotive.
The metal again instantly bends just from the weight of his foot as he pushes down onto it a bit the train slowly getting compressed.
As Rai lifts his foot and puts all his weight onto the train it gets crushed flat to the ground with a loud metal crunching sound as he licks his lips and walks off leaving the bus and train crushed in giant crater paw prints.
There goes the money.

This awesome pic was done by the really talented and nice SR71BETA
Thank you so so much! I really love how this pic turned out ^ω^

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