Nintendo Badge Arcade - Fanart by Evianrei

Nintendo Badge Arcade - Fanart


8 March 2016 at 11:04:16 MST

Recognize this friendly face? If you do, congrats, isn't he amazing?
If not, I introduce to you the Arcade Bunny. He's the Nintendo Badge Arcade's mascot.

I really love this characters design in and out. The color scheme is well put together, a nice simplistic design that still stuns a crowd, and his personality is to die for.

I'm not sure how many people can agree with me, but I love the Nintendo Badge Arcade.
I know it is another Nintendo money grab, but it is done so well!
Who doesn't enjoy playing a crane game? I know I do. I love the risk/reward, and it is nice to have one right at home in my 3DS (free to download).

The game requires real money to play, but before you cringe at the thought think about these factors.
-They constantly give away free plays
-$1 gets you 5 plays
-It satisfies your need to collect cool things related to games you like
-You get to customize your 3DS homescreen with the badges you win

I think that's pretty fair. Especially when this cuddly rabbit doesn't shame or harass you when you state that you'd rather not pay to play or play another round.

This is the most appealing aspect of the Nintendo Badge Arcade, at least for me.
Usually money grab games interrupt with ads, bug you to spend more money at a constant rate, or have negative dialogue when you don't whip your wallet out.

The Arcade Bunny reacts positively to any decision you make. Done playing? Okay Cool! Thanks for coming!
He even warns you about how to avoid losing your plays (don't turn off or leave the game when you have plays to use).

This guy is lovable as F#%K! If you want to meet him, open up your 3DS and download the Nintendo Badge Arcade.

Also, before you comment, YES I took his shoes off. What kind of rabbit wears shoes... And the blue eyes are from a face he gives in the game.

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    Gosh, I seriously love this.

    I totally agree with every point you made, it's like 2.58 for two plays, which also in turn gives you a free theme (if it's available), along with those 10 plays of badges you can get. I seriously love the arcade bunny just for exactly what you also said. I've never felt guilty about not buying more plays, which is something everyone should be including in their games. They almost encourage you to play the practice catcher and get free plays. (Plus with every 10+ badges you get in practice, you get another free play).

    I've only ever spent money once, and that was something that I could have prevented, but it was brand new and it had pokemon so I ate it up. Not even feeling bad about that either.

    I actually think that the thing i love the most about the bunny is that he turns into a real bunny, a super bunny, like he just shape shifts into different bunnies aha.

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    Great fanart! I love this cute li'l guy! At first I thought he was going to be an annoying character, but he's really lovable.

    I agree with everything you said about the Badge Arcade itself. They give out free plays so often that you don't even need to spend actual money. I have 275+ badges right now without ever spending a dime!