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Sighs/Jan's Lament/Way You Are [Prelude] (Originals) by everestian

Sighs/Jan's Lament/Way You Are [Prelude] (Originals)

Sighs/Jan's Lament/Way You Are [Prelude] (Originals)


Ninth, tenth, and eleventh parts of my Yellowknife song cycle! Here we see Jan, the miner with the tortured soul, venting his frustrations about his cursed life and how the main character caught the eye of Mr. Carpenter's daughter. The lyrics serve to reflect his eternally conflicted state.

Meanwhile, towards the end, the main character sees Mr. Carpenter's daughter as...the way she is. Oh ho ho...the plot thickens. Make all the dirty jokes you want. :P

Thanks for listening, guys and gals!

Sometimes one tends to think the world is not such a terrible place
But then when you’re outside everything decides to attack you
Hearing that the world’s unfair might seem like an elegant cliché
But you know as well as I it’s a fair assessment of it all

I recall when my love was taken away
My life became as solemn as gray
Will the world laugh at me when I die?
I am a joke that passes by

For some it may seem perfect since everything is going so well
But once you see me you know that will change eventually
I rebel against life’s little concoctions, though I surely can’t stop them
I may as well be fated to dissolve instead of living

He has found his love in a virgin forest
And yet I cannot see through
The veil that was imposed on me since I was born
I am an undignified error.

So I will go on living while my dark flame roars in my heart
Crying out its vengeance as I slowly waste away
I am not in the right place
and nobody knows I am sinking
Look around the woodwork
and you’ll find me there (x4)

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