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Mr. Carpenter (Original Composition) by everestian

Mr. Carpenter (Original Composition)

Mr. Carpenter (Original Composition)


Part five of the Yellowknife saga! Here we see Mr. Carpenter, a man overcome by avarice, searching for gold with such overwhelming enthusiasm (perhaps too zealously), and inspiring his crew to help him out. A simple song indeed.

Thanks for listening, guys and gals. :)

I am Mr. Carpenter and I am here to help you sirs
To dig the land that is now ours
We’ll work all day, we’ll work all night
We’ll work until the world is right
We’ll bust our asses till your brows are bloodied
Forget about your limits or the reasons why you’re scared
‘Cause nothing can stop you now
You’re on this expedition to fulfill an important mission
It’s to make the entire world proud!
So we’ll troll the entirety
Of the map of Canada, you see
Yellowknife is just the beginning
Forget about your moralism
Or your petty cynicism
In my team, no one will fail
As soon as we discover gold, we’ll overturn accounts of old
The quicker we swim in it, the better
I am positive, if things are right, we’ll find some precious treasure tonight
You got to have faith in the system
I will be your leader in this journey till forever
And we won’t rest until we get our fill
There is no reason to have doubt
You’ll find what life is all about
If you take our shovels by the handles.

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