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He's Fine, Don't Worry by Ettie

He's Fine, Don't Worry


14 September 2020 at 12:05:32 MDT

See? He's smiling.

[Soft Version]
[Hard Version]
[Hypno Version]

Here it iiiis! The set of alts for the last of my three Klonoa Day pics (but certainly not my last Klonoa). What's Klonoa Day? Why, thanks to the convenient Japanese sorta-pun, 9/6 is Klonoa Day, every year! In celebration, I held a very long stream wherein I drew nothing but Klonoas! I did a lot of experimentation in that stream, and each Klonoa came out differently than the last. Was a very enlightening experience.

This one was actually the first sketch I did of the stream, meant to be just my warmup! As such, it's got quite a number of little issues here and there, but upon doubling back I actually kind of liked it, so I touched it up a bit and decided to give it the "alt treatment" like the others too. Ended up being some of my favorite alts of all of them, huehuehue...

To see the alts in one place, at the same time, it is your natural, unimposed will to view it on twitter.

Taste my discord server.