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Eyes for You (flirty) by Ettie

Eyes for You (flirty)


12 September 2020 at 17:03:35 MDT

The secret to how I come up with titles for uploads is: begins upload "Oh shit that's right, these things need titles, uuuuhh" writes the first thing to pop into my head "Yes good."

[Plain Version]
[Blushy Version]
[W E T Version]

Here it is! The second of my three Klonoa Day pics, along with some progressively juicier alts. Somehow this one is even more lewd than the last, despite lacking the presence of genitalia. Hm! Curious!

To recap, because Japan loves puns (especially on Twitter), 9/6 was Klonoa Day! To celebrate, I held a NINE POINT FIVE HOUR STREAM immediately after which my soul left this mortal coil dedicated entirely to drawing Klonoa!

Despite being so madly in love with this boy, that stream was actually my very first attempt at drawing him seriously. Each of the sketches from that stream were meant to be quick means of experimenting with style (just HOW do I want to draw my boy anyway??), but I wound up with three distinctly different yet solid sketches that I liked so much I decided to return to them and manufacture some tasty alt versions~

To see all the alts in one place (and like, y'know, to help proliferate my art wink wink nudge nude please I'm begging you) why not direct those lovely pupils of yours to this tasty tweet.

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