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Flat is Beautiful by Ettie

Flat is Beautiful


1 September 2020 at 16:14:19 MDT

Ahh finally, some more recent art. Been practicing trying to make cleaner sketches lately so I can potentially even start learning to ink soon.

And yes, at last! My first "break the leg to show off the paws" pic! I've done it. I've made it to the big leagues.

Drew this one on stream last week as just some random practice, so I didn't expect it to go anywhere, hence why the anatomy is kinda wonky in some places. I still like it, though! Pretty cute, nice pose, delicious fried chicken. It's got it all.

Also, despite how it may seem, this is not me! It may look like a flat Ettie, but when I got to the point of drawing the hair I was just like, "Hm, who should this be..." and since I'm notoriously bad at drawing my own sona (as many people feel they are), I decided it would be a good excuse to practice her hair and markings.

Hmm... and I guess that's it!

(not) Ettie belongs to me.

Delicious fried chicken is for everyone.

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