[MFF19] Quickies FIRST BOUT by Ettie

[MFF19] Quickies FIRST BOUT


20 December 2019 at 19:08:20 MST

WOOOO I'm back and it is ART TIME! FINALLY. I did more work at MFF than I even realized, holy gosh. Took me a while since getting back from my post-MFF trip to prepare all the scans, but at long last I am SO READY to start posting!

MFF was certainly a test of all the knowledge I had gained from selling so far, so I changed up how I did commissions a little bit as a result, and I think it went over pretty well! Here's the first batch of my New and Improved, Longer Lasting, Better Tasting, Classic, Original, Anime Furry Nudes™ Quickies!

From left to right, top to bottom, characters belong toooo:

Oh but what's that you ask? Can you find these pictures on twitter? I mean, you can click here I guess...