Not Just a Ass... by Ettie

Not Just a Ass...


1 December 2019 at 20:06:17 MST

...a Anime ass!

And along with it, a little companion piece you can find here.

One of the last two pieces I'll have up in the art show! Seemed like it might be a fun idea to make two that went together, like a sort of companion-piece thing. x3 Although they're the last uploaded, these were actually the very FIRST pieces I made for the art show! So why did I decide to start with just A Ass? Why NOT start with A Ass! ASS IS ALWAYS WELCOME. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Anime ass if it wasn’t blushing. So that’s how you know for sure.

This was also the very first time I ever really tried experimenting with line weight! I didn’t exactly use it for anything too exciting other than denoting “Ass in your face” vs “stuff that is not Ass in your face,” but I still think it adds a nice touch, and I’d like to play around with the effects more in the future.

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