Showing Off the Goods by Ettie

Showing Off the Goods


27 November 2019 at 12:27:02 MST

Now here’s someone who has their priorities in order. I mean why waste your time on anything else, right?

Another piece up for auction in the art show! I’ve decided I’ll start rolling these out during the Countdown to MFF after all, because I’m SO EXCITED AND I WANT YOU ALL TO BE EXCITED WITH ME.

Also can I just say that like, I am really proud of that cat nose? Look, they asked to show the goods, and I delivered.

This one was really a lot of fun to make! The hardest part was, of course, THE PHONE. I didn’t want to draw it totally flat, so I tried to add some subtle perspective. Not sure how well it came across, but is that really what you’re paying attention to when she has the goods openly on display like that? Yeah. Didn’t think so.

But hey, y’know what else phones are good for? Twitterrrrrr