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Yuletide Yumminess (by Mrawl) by etheras

Yuletide Yumminess (by Mrawl)


21 December 2014 at 13:36:48 MST

Happy Holidays, my Subjects,

I realize I've been a bit skimpy on Christmas artwork this year, so I've resolved to [i]wear[/i] something skimpy to compensate. (And double-down on artwork this weekend!) But I don't think my adoring worshipers will complain.

Today I'm a bit more lolita. What do you think?


Yeah I'm feeling kinda bad about not posting enough Christmas artwork. I actually won't be able to post all the artwork that I purchased last year... so those will roll over for another year. <:/

Oh well, I suppose that means next year will be doubly-rich. ^.^


Artwork by Mrawl
Etheras the Fennec is (c)

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