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Moxxi Foxxi (by SpiritFox) by etheras

Moxxi Foxxi (by SpiritFox)


Good afternoon, my loyal subjects!

Happy weekend to you all. If you're like me, you might have left this weekend open without much to do, in order to binge on Borderlands. I'm a level 14 now on my... um.. drone-zerker (?) and level 3 Claptrap. The following stuff is mostly gonna be Borderlands-talk, talking about the new game, what's good, what's bad (etc). So if you're not into that, just letting ya know: you can probably skip this part.


I'm kinda wishing I had done Claptrap all the way since the beginning. I like how other characters react to him. Jack's response when you save him is priceless. 'cuz there's nothing like the humiliation of having your life saved by an annoying overly-cheerful small robot thing. The reason why I didn't go with him initially is because his skill tree seems very team-oriented, but I like to play solo (at least for the first play-through) because in co-op, stuff happens that your partner might have triggered, and you might be elsewhere, or looking in another direction fighting off baddies, and you miss it! So, to get the full experience, I like to play once just as me. Hence: no Claptrap.

However I kinda discovered as I played that Claptrap isn't so limited. Most of his awesome team-based skills work just fine solo. And that's why I now regret just playing as Claptrap. I went as the drone guy (Willhelm) because that works well for a solo play-style. I like being able to deploy stuff when I get into trouble, and use that as a smokescreen while I get away to heal up. The first game I played through as Roland, then Lilith (phasewalk works for getting away to heal too, of course). Second game I played as the mutli-turret guy (Axton?), and so the logical choice for Pre-Sequel was the drone guy.

So my initial impressions are mixed.

(Truncated due to Weasyl's apparently really-short text limit (wow, really Weasyl??))
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This artwork was actually NOT Borderlands tribute art, but I felt that the sort-of femmy carnival atmosphere closely resembles Moxxi's style, so that's how I posted it. This outfit was designed by the artist.

Artwork by spiritfox412
Etheras the Fennec (c)
Moxxi is (c) 2K Games, or their parent company

For more artwork of Etheras as Moxxi (or in Moxxi-ish costumes), check out:
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