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Witchy (by Jailbird) by etheras

Witchy (by Jailbird)


Hearken to me, my subjects!

Halloween incoming! Commence the spooky.
Every witch needs a black cat. Even if that is actually a white fox.

From last year, where Etheras's Halloween costume was "cat". It was completed after Halloween so I decided to hold onto it for a bit. Hope you enjoy it anyway!

Artwork by Jailbird
Etheras the Fennec (c)
Jackie the Mare (c) SergeantBuck

Prince Etheras dresses up for Halloween every year. Would you like to see some Halloween costumes from previous years?

2021: Cat

2020: Mummy

2019: Naughty Nurse (again)

2018: Witch

2017: Vampire

2016: Cowboi

2015 : Angel

2014 : Devil

2013 : Pirate

2012 : Naughty Nurse


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