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Duet (by TheBlackRook) by etheras

Duet (by TheBlackRook)


Happy New Year, my subjects!

Lights shine from a mirror ball, glinting off of lazily falling snow. Celebrants dance in abandon to rhythm of the drums and the sound of the band, lead by the dancing fennec on stage to the vocals of his queen mare.

Happy new year to you and your's. I hope you had a wonderful 2019, but an even-better 2020. Be safe, and have fun, and I'll see you again next year. :)

Artwork by theblackrook
Etheras the Fennec (c)
Jackie the Mare (c) SergeantBuck

Was saving this picture in case there was another Sin City... doesn't seem like there will be. So now seemed like the perfect time to post. Hope you enjoy!

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