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Come to the Lucky69 Casino (by Nate Day) by etheras

Come to the Lucky69 Casino (by Nate Day)


Greetings my subjects.

Are you feeling down and out? Ready to fold? Does the threat of looming nuclear apocalypse have you down? Come to the Lucky69 Casino and feel your cares melt away. And who knows, you might get lucky! This is the LUCKY 69 after all.

For those of you anxiously awaiting the apocalypse... only 3 hours hence... I'll see you in the wasteland shortly. ;)

You might have trouble reaching me for... oh maybe a week or so. <.<

Artwork by NateDay
Etheras the Fennec (c)
Fallout (c) ZeniMax Corporation

Want more Etheras Fallout art? You're in luck! I have another one of those:

Or more video game tribute artwork? Here are a few more:

There are plenty more in my gallery, but I want to skip to the first image I ever posted on FA as Etheras, which depicts him as Illusive Man: from Mass Effect (only much sexier IMHO). ;)


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