Zombie Hunters by Eskiworks

Zombie Hunters


28 December 2012 at 14:58:29 MST

A two character commission for Shaneharper and Maxi-rover, of their respective doggy characters kicking some zombie butt! Looks like they've had it a little rough, but no bites, and no serious injuries so I'm betting they'll survive the zombie apocalypse. Good to have two tough dogs on your side if you ask me. ;)

16 hours in Photoshop with an Intuos 3 tablet

Moderate warning for blood

Submission Information

Visual / Digital


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    I really love this pic, it may sound weird but the blood you drew looks awesome on the wood :D

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      Aw, thank you! Yeah, I tried to get it to look a bit more realistic this time around, but still bright enough to stand out.

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    Oooh this is sweet, I love how you shaded the arms in this especially. Both characters look awesome in this style!

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      Why thank you! ^^

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    Awe yeah.

    Awesome work, love the feet paws, god your anatomy is so outstanding.

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    Lol, my husband would love this one. He is such a zombafanatic, it's not even funny. XD

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      My guy is too, he has me reading World War Z right now. XD Next up (according to him) I need to read the zombie survival manual!

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        Rotfl! When John first picked that up, he showed it to me with that childlike begging face XD

        I tell him nooooo, we have kids in the house XD

        Which is kinda scary since I actually like Resident Evil >>;