TeaFeathers - Wen'Dimali Gem Dealer by Eskiworks

TeaFeathers - Wen'Dimali Gem Dealer


31 July 2017 at 10:04:47 MDT

More art for the future TeaFeathers art book! Here's an example of a Pylura from the Wen'Dimali tribe, a group residing in the fantasy equivalent of the pacific northwest. Located in the North Western coast, Wen'Dimalin territory is nestled among a bed of highly active volcanic land. Wen individuals are typically very tall with pale red and mostly white fur, and have a very ethereal feel to them. Think of them as the high elves of the TeaFeathers world, both visually and culturally. They have a deep connection to the spirits, and there are rumors among other territories that they might be immortal.

Wen territory yields a lot of gemstones, which they incorporate into their immaculate jewelry design. They are well known for delicate and elaborate jewelry. So I wanted to draw this guy (or gal) showing off some of their recent gem acquisitions! It can sometimes be very dangerous to mine and collect the best gems, so don't let their delicate appearance fool you. Gem dealers and collectors are tough individuals with an innate knowledge of where to find the best stuff.

Each month in which patrons vote for me to work on the TeaFeathers art book, I'll do a series of sketches and one or two full finished pieces for the book. This month I’m working on a comic, but for August we'll see what the poll says!

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