Costello's World of Make Believe by eryshe

Costello's World of Make Believe


1 December 2012 at 21:43:19 MST

Way back in the day when I did FNTV and when I would post links to the comic in the Furry Drama community on LiveJournal, me and costello would butt heads over my postings there. After much debate, and being split down the middle about who was pro/con about the links being posted in the community, I decided to stop (I soon stopped doing the strip) posting the links. Soon after, me and costello buried the hatchet. It was all good, I carried no grudge.

That being said, I was honored to have him come by my table at Anthrocon this year and commission this from me! I had picked up the original vinyl because of the potential awesomeness that this cover had! It was PERFECT that it was Costello who also saw the potential. The fursuit is just awesome and he exudes equal parts cute and attitude.

It was a challenge to get this the way that I wanted, I eventually had to raise his eyes from where Mr Mathis' had them to where they are now, and it worked out well!

Thanks to scullyraptor for advice and encouragement while I did this hanging out with Scully. fossil & ozzylotte

So you know costello, that if you go to FurFright that you HAVE to re-create this cover, right? RIGHT? I will seriously fall down dying of laughter if I see this. I have no idea where you'd find a tight baby blue sweater like that! ;P

Paint markers and ink on used vinyl

Original vinyl: Johnny Mathis "The Wonderful World Of Make Believe"

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