Malivous Reference by Eroomally

Malivous Reference


21 October 2014 at 00:20:30 MDT

Tattoo colours: Green
Known for his reckless and rather stubborn attitude, Malivous is a rather straight to the point guy who often tends to spend most of his free time down at the local Bar or clubs where most of the action is at.
Hes a very secretive Male, keeps to himself mostly and prefers to work alone.

Weapon of Choice: Rare Geth Sniper Rifle

Born and raised on Omega, Malivious’s future was set in stone the moment he drew his first breath. Both his Parents were a part of the Talon Merc clan, However he did not grow up remembering much of his family, they were poor then most and lived in the harsh apartments on Omega that often was vulnerable to murders, thieves and many other local criminals. Around the age Five Malivous was abandoned or so he assumes, he was left alone in the rundown apartment he grew up in and became a street rat afterwards, fighting and stealing just to survive. He knew nothing of his Culture or Turian traditions and so set all of those rules aside only obeying the one rule on Omega under Arias Rule.
At the age of 13 he was eventually caught and beaten by a small time gang of Asari and Turian who he stole from multiple times. Being to big to fit into tunnels and ducts he was forced to find other means of defending himself and escaping. Over the few years he got his Turian tattoos done, preferring the tattoo over the marking paints most used. During this time he picked up some old and half destroyed armour pieces and began to mend it together and created his own scrap armour. Catching the eye of a few gangs and other Merc groups he took on solo missions, assassinating whoever needed to be taken down, he had a good eye and did need any tech to use for his jobs. This earned him a good price amongst one of few of Aria’s assassins, though Malivous prefers to be known as a one band Merc, getting the job that needs to be done much easier and more effective with no loose ends.

Parents: His Father was a former soldier that served on one of the Turian fleets.
His Mother was a disabled Turian, unable to work or serve in the fleet or provide any other service to the community due to a crippled leg injury at birth that causes her great discomfort.

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