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Skeleton's key by Endoskeleton

Skeleton's key


23 January 2014 at 21:05:57 MST

From March 2013.
Tzologeist's Grollopi is a cutie. -v- Also very easy for me to draw.
I really like French guys with big/long hair and 18th century clothing
Plus KEYS and lineless.

Fanarts and a quick thank you.

(I forgot who made the textures, but I didn't make them.)

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    I love this damn picture. I was so excited when you made it for me.

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    I can't figure out how to accept this into my collections. I reviewed the FAQ and it made it seem like all I needed to do was click an accept button, but I can't find it anywhere. DO you know what I am doing wrong?

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      I don't grdgbfheszd I wish I did, but I've never gotten a collection sent to me, myself.
      From what I'm gathering: manage collections, then pending collections, check it and then click accept... But I have a feeling you've already done that.

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        Yes, that worked. When I get to that page where your character appear in AGand DB I will send it to your collection.

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          Good, I was worrying we might have to contact an admin. And alrighty, I appreciate you doing that and thank you again!

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    This is still sooooooo good