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Empress Rising 2021 Reference by EmpressRising

Empress Rising 2021 Reference


8 January 2021 at 16:22:34 MST

Here it is!!! Empress' 2021 reference!

I don't have a lot of text for her at the moment. I am still working on her backstory, but she lives in a small town. Dingy apartment kind of deal. Going to have a dog, I think. Oh, and she eventually becomes the leader of a small town gang but, we'll get there.

Best friends are a bongo named Starring Role, and the love of her life (maybe, we're working on it), Veiled Providence.

I'll update this with more of her backstory soon. She will also get a new clothing reference. But, she's just a struggling individual finding herself out. She's a bit reserved but overall nice. Lots of therapy has improved her mental state.

Also, to note her eyes: If you draw her, you can just make them green. My eyes really are heterochromatic like that, but don't worry yourself. too much.

...////not a self insert////////////////////////

/////that back view is a bit wonky, I'm trying, sorry/////////

Also, here is the high res:

And lastly, my improvement on my art and her design over the past near two years! I'm so proud. I love this design.

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