Emerald Ballet Sketch by emeraldarcanine811

Emerald Ballet Sketch


30 March 2018 at 08:38:51 MDT

I rise from the dead again on this site. Reasoning due to this place is more for personal art nor and I haven't done that sort of stuff for months until now.

Started this on the month I got my new Intuos Pro. It was one of my practice sketches to get into the groove of using it. I got it to a rough and finished cleaning it up halfway before stopping. I just now decided to finish it. So it as a whole is a few months old, hence why the top part of him is rougher than the bottom, it really shouldn't have taken so long but that's procrastination for you.

Dunno if I'll actually finish it. But enjoy the sketch.

Program: Paint Tool Sai
Tools: Wacom Intuos Pro

Art/Character: Mine

Do not use/steal/crop/edit/etc.